27 June 2019

Thoughts Sparked by "Paddy's Lament"

Being of Irish descent, I periodically get curious of my cultural heritage. Movies are grand, but overly dramatized from the seeds of truth. The web is a wild source of knowledge that may or may not be based in fact - websites that cite their sources can be a good place to read, but are those sources credible? Tracking sources is a skill I learned in college - a very good skill mind you. I enjoy reading over the web, but sometimes having a book in the hand is the best way to read up on history.

01 June 2019

Library Lament

I love books. I love reading stories, both fiction and non-, and utterly miss having a library. I had a big library in the past, and a decent collection before leaving Hawaii. My library consisted of four major categories: science fiction and fantasy, historical, academia for research, and career-related (computer, web, managing, and marketing). Almost everything had a hardcover; which is why I had to let it go - too costly to ship. When I took all those books to Book-Off at Pearlridge, the clerks were firstly amazed, and secondly aghast.

18 May 2019

Creative Embroidery

Something I love about the SCA is that it has gotten me interested in needlework and embroidery again. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother creating artwork with counted cross stitch. She taught me, but I quickly lost interest (as most little girls do).

07 April 2019

On The Road Again...

I deplore flying. That is a funny statement considering I grew up on an island in the middle of the ocean and the only way to see anything new was to fly. Still, I seriously do not like to fly. I've been told it may be a 'control issue' - as I have to hand my fate over to some pilot. I think it has something to do with the fact that I cannot see much of anything outside - clouds are exciting for only so much time.

So leaving Vegas and heading eastward without a vehicle of my own (which, dear reader, is my preferred method of travel), I opted for Greyhound.

17 March 2019

Vegas! What happens here...

Well, Las Vegas is fun, but not where I want to be.

Why is that you ask?

11 March 2019

Adventure Time

So... "poor girl" couldn't renew her hosting, and it is back to the Google-verse and using Blogger. She is also "stupid girl" as she didn't download everything... so a lot of what was on her site is *poof* - over a decade of sporadic posts and stuff. Is alright, this is a good place to post and exercise my writing - not so much with the template and code tweaking as I would do on WordPress. Is a good thing, I need to get back to writing and not so much tweaking.

08 March 2019

Celtic Napkins

One of my "hidden talents" is needlework. I find embroidery to be rather calming once I get into it, and I can create something beautiful at the same time. I had picked up a dozen black colored, fine-linen Chilewich napkins from Macy's (they were on sale!) and decided then that I would embroider something onto them.