17 March 2019

Vegas! What happens here...

Well, Las Vegas is fun, but not where I want to be.

Why is that you ask?

11 March 2019

Adventure Time

So... "poor girl" couldn't renew her hosting, and it is back to the Google-verse and using Blogger. She is also "stupid girl" as she didn't download everything... so a lot of what was on her site is *poof* - over a decade of sporadic posts and stuff. Is alright, this is a good place to post and exercise my writing - not so much with the template and code tweaking as I would do on WordPress. Is a good thing, I need to get back to writing and not so much tweaking.

08 March 2019

Celtic Napkins

One of my "hidden talents" is needlework. I find embroidery to be rather calming once I get into it, and I can create something beautiful at the same time. I had picked up a dozen black colored, fine-linen Chilewich napkins from Macy's (they were on sale!) and decided then that I would embroider something onto them.