11 March 2019

Adventure Time

So... "poor girl" couldn't renew her hosting, and it is back to the Google-verse and using Blogger. She is also "stupid girl" as she didn't download everything... so a lot of what was on her site is *poof* - over a decade of sporadic posts and stuff. Is alright, this is a good place to post and exercise my writing - not so much with the template and code tweaking as I would do on WordPress. Is a good thing, I need to get back to writing and not so much tweaking.


I have left Hawaii for Las Vegas. There are so many reasons for me to stay here and not go further east - namely that I am familiar with the area to some degree. I am also still in the SCA Kingdom of Caid while avoiding California. I met some of the people from the Barony of Starkhafn over the years so it only makes sense. I got myself a little car and have been diligently applying for work in my field(s). Had some promising leads, but I cannot "sell my soul" for any job. Did that once, never again. I am lucky to have a cousin who enjoys my company - and I get along with her husband - so I have a place to stay. Eventually, once I have a solid role, I'll be getting my own place.


I realized that I was starting to spread myself too thin in recent years. I also came face-to-face with the fact that I am pudgy and not in as good a shape as I should be. These two realizations lead to the decision to set aside my aspirations to be an SCA Heavy Fighter. I may still get into Rapier, but right now I am seriously concentrating on my Arts & Sciences (A&S) skills, primarily needlework and embroidery.

Needle Craft

I have some small projects running right now that I will post about from time to time. I fully intend to remake the cloak I had to give up in 2003 - the pattern and design are still in my head. The materials will be costly, which is why I have to wait. I also have to improve my stitching which has become a bit shoddy over time.


I like cars. Yes. And now that I am on the mainland again, I can get back to enjoying (legal) races and hopefully some projects. I got myself a little VW Cabrio which needs some luvin' - but have to get her to pass the required smog check before I can even register her! That and I need some ^%$# paperwork from Pennsylvania before I can do that. I did get to go to a race night for local racers - and that was fun, if chilly. Looking forward to the rest of the season when it starts to warm up - sitting on aluminum bleachers when the temp is getting to the low 50's is not really enjoyable.


I have set up a weekly goal of penning serious stuff - at least two pages - of what I don't know yet. I am considering fiction (getting back to story-lines with Kirthag) or journalistic (on topics I enjoy) or tutorial (with needlecraft). It won't be in this particular blog... this is basically for blah stuff coming out of my head. I also have an XML of my (now gone) WordPress site which I have to go through - I'll do that sometime and possibly convert it to import here. There will be sections - or maybe even completely separate blog spaces - we see. That is about all I can do on this little laptop of mine anyway. ;)

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