17 March 2019

Vegas! What happens here...

Well, Las Vegas is fun, but not where I want to be.

Why is that you ask?

What I like about Las Vegas

I like the Vegas Valley. Is very easy to navigate around (once you have a car) and so much fun to explore. The people who planned the city kept it very simple - a grid! Once you memorize the main thoroughfares, getting around is simple. Even without the GPS or the iPhone map - is rather hard to get lost within the city. Get your bearings by looking for the Strat during the day, or the Luxor's light at night. Never get lost.

The people of Vegas are nice, for the most part. I met some really sweet people at the International Market (awesome place for all sorts of foreign foods - especially Asian!) who were very helpful. I also met a lady at a used-car dealership who gave me some insight on the areas to avoid and some tips of scouring through the want-ads. I learned quickly how to read the scam artists, and for the most part, didn't see much of the druggy or homeless crowds - although was told they are rampant in areas.

What I don't like...

The one failing I found is the job market. Granted, there are jobs to be had - many of my friends from Hawaii who moved there quickly gained employment... as hotel workers. That is the one industry I want to avoid. After the experiences in Hawaii, I decided I would return to my passions in graphic design and marketing. Therein lies the rub with seeking jobs in Vegas. Most every position I applied to as a graphic designer would not hire me without certain experience in the gaming industry. And not the kinds of games I'm used to. In Vegas, the "gaming industry" translates to "gambling industry". I don't have a problem with gambling or that particular industry at all - however, my "lack of experience" in that arena is a glaring flag for corporate recruiters.

Moving on, literally.

That was the last straw for me. Combined with the deadline my cousin and I agreed upon for hanging out at her place - it came time to leave. I love my cousin dearly, and her hubby is da-bomb! Made some awesome friends and visited with other friends... but the time has come to go.

So, as quickly as a dollar disappears into a casino, plans have been formulated to head eastward.