16 August 2020

Becoming a Member of the Wesleyan Wolfpack

I miss writing.

I miss letting the words flow from my mind through my fingers to the keyboard and finally onto the screen. I miss spewing thoughts, wishes, dreams, curses - I miss it totally.

10 May 2020


Life is ever-changing. From the economic shutdown of most of the world to the shifting concerns of everyone around me. Sometimes the best-laid plans have to be rethought due to changing priorities, scheduling conflicts, or money matters. I am all too familiar with the need for flexibility, alternative schemes, resource adjustments, and the reallocation of desires. Sometimes, eliminating those desires (in part or in total) are necessary. I am presented with such chaos - simply seeking some refuge is a desire I have to shove away right now.

03 May 2020

Comments from a Supporter

My first GoFundMe supporter gave me permission to post this. She only wanted her identity private, not her comment. For this post, we shall call her "Jane" - with apologies, for she is far from being plain.

11 April 2020

On Going Back To School

I've not blogged much about my future, for it has been in a sort of fog for a long time. Reacting to the present and living in it without much thought for what I would be doing in the long term, I realized I fell into a rut. That has changed, for I now have a focus.