11 April 2020

On Going Back To School

I've not blogged much about my future, for it has been in a sort of fog for a long time. Reacting to the present and living in it without much thought for what I would be doing in the long term, I realized I fell into a rut. That has changed, for I now have a focus.

I am attending Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, with the goal of earning a Bachelor of (Fine?) Art in Advertising & Marketing Communications with a minor in Business. My degree from Leeward Community College puts me as a sophomore at Wesleyan and well on the path to finishing the minor. Most of my time at Wesleyan will be doing what I love most - Advertising and Marketing!

After applying for, and receiving Federal grants and student loans, I find I still have two shortfalls in my preparations for the fall. First, a reliable and updated laptop that fits in with the industry standards of my profession - a MacBook Pro. Second, a reliable and economical mode of transportation - for I need to get to Wesleyan.

To help with these costs, I started a GoFundMe campaign.

It all starts somewhere.

There are a few things I am passionate about. My sons, my grandchildren, my career, and gaming. I love conversations with my adult sons, they are so interesting and challenging! I am amazed by how different, yet similar, my offspring are. My grandchildren help remind me of what is important in life - keeps me attentive and yes, actually planning for the future again. I believe a person's progeny is the gateway to immortality. Being active in the relationships with them is what gives me purpose to look into the future.

And that has lead to my career choices of late. Realizing my sons (even as they are adults) still learn by example, I cannot wallow in the funk I've floundered in for the past decade. I thought back over my working life and examined just what triggers my involvement in "jobs". It all came down to just a few things.

  1. The need to express. Be it by voice, words, code, or pictures, I have a deep need to express myself, and be heard. It does not mean I need recognition - that is entirely different. What I need is for people to actually notice and comprehend the message I am delivering; THAT is what is important to me. I can stay behind the curtain, anonymous via pseudonyms, or even behind an avatar. I don't need accolades - I need to know the world hears me.
  2. The desire to teach. Part of my expression is to help others understand so as to better their own lives. This is what I understand teaching to be. Anyone can make a lesson plan with procedures and train people to do tasks. It is to help them fully comprehend the hows and whys of what they are doing while instilling the desire to do well and more - that is teaching. Planting the seeds of inspiration for others to move forward, find success, and to share their outcome with their world - this is where I find the most joy.
  3. The passion to lead. Expressing and teaching all progress toward leadership. Throughout my entire life, in every aspect thereof, I have become a leader for others. Even as a girl, seeing issues that need a resolution for others has garnered me some modicum of respect. I often fall into leadership roles or provide much-needed support for other leaders. Again, it is not about recognition; it is about accomplishing common goals and setting others on their own paths toward their successes.
I hate being categorized when it comes to my career - being just a graphic designer, just a webmaster, and just a gamer. There is so much more to what I do, what I enjoy, and what I will set my energies toward. What I lacked in the past was the knowledge to overcome the challenges I've been faced with. That has been my weakness. Attending Wesleyan will help overcome that.

For the Short

I am scared, yet excited, to be continuing my educational journey. I've got the fundamentals through my experiences, but I need a deeper understanding of my profession so as to break past the barriers that have kept me struggling. Yes, I am savvy and driven, but neither of them really amount to much without the basic understandings; I know this now. I learned a lot at Leeward - especially that I will always be learning. 

For the Long

And here is the plan. I will earn my degree, and if the opportunity is there, I will attain mastery. I will return to my roots in magazine publishing, and either join or create a platform for gamers to express and learn about the entertainment industry - in gaming. Yes, I fully intend to combine my passions into something. How I will accomplish this is yet to be known; one step at a time. 

I want to credit Stratics - the site, the community, and the leaders past - for showing me just where I need to go. In my entire life, I have never had such a fulfilling role as being the Vice President of Publishing for that site. Granted, it was frustrating at times - but it really is the most satisfying "job-not-job" I've ever experienced. 

For the Journey

I am fully registered at Wesleyan. My fall schedule is settled. As I prepare what I need for the fall, I am short for two major purchases. Neither of these I can afford outright, particularly with the continuing shut down due to the coronavirus. I am grateful to still have a job as a part-time cashier at a grocery store, but it does not pay enough for these two items...

By contributing to the GoFundMe campaign, you will help me attain these two major purchases.
  1. MacBook Pro, 16"
    Required as it is still the industry standard for desktop publishing and graphic design, according to my advisor at Wesleyan. The plan is to get a refurbished model from Apple, which is cheaper than getting a brand new one with the student discount. This laptop is the priority of the GoFundMe. The software I need will be taken care of with Adobe's student discount for cloud access.
  2. Reliable vehicle with insurance for a year
    Funds that are left over after purchasing the MacBook will go to buy a car. It doesn't have to be a Kia Soul (the picture just worked so well). I prefer a mini-SUV of some type that is reliable as I will be lugging everything I own around in it. I plan to prepay the insurance for a year; maintenance and gas will be mitigated as I will be working part-time while in school.
  3. I need the funds by July 15, 2020
    That gives me enough time to familiarize myself with the Apple OS before classes start in August, and to find a suitable vehicle without rushing. If I cannot find a car by the time I need to leave for Georgia, then the funds will go into a savings account until a car can be found. I will post updates, and this blog will serve as the portal for that.

Deepest of Thanks

I am learning to accept help when I need it. In the past, I had been too proud, haughty, and independent to even consider doing something like this. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it is from the support of wonderful friends, colleagues, and even strangers that I am able to move forward. 

I am immediately humbled, and thankful.