12 November 2021

Senior - Midyear

I am so busy! I've overloaded my credits to make sure I fulfill all requirements for graduation in the spring, plus I have a deeply involved internship, then work-study in the library. Somehow, I still have time to come over this way and make a post! So on to it...

21 August 2021

Senior - Week 01

Opening Convocation - Senior
Opening Convocation, FA21

Just finished the first week of classes - wow! I knew returning to Wesleyan for my senior year would be exciting, but not so busy! Getting settled in the dorm/apartment, re-meeting my roomies, rushing to classes, gathering equipment for courses, finding work-study, seeking an internship, organizing class projects, still contemplating honors! 

I am humbled that so many students (most now sophomore) greet me, stop me to catch up, and show a new eagerness for this coming year. We were first-years together last term (me a transfer, they from their various high schools) coming to campus during a pandemic with a huge amount of uncertainty and fear. Now, there is a greater sense of anticipation underscored by a nagging regret for what we missed; those longstanding Wesleyan traditions we see the new first years experiencing. There is a tinge of envy in our voices as we chat, for the time to have these experiences are passed. We do not blame the faculty and staff of our hallowed institution, nor do we blame the plague and fear prevalent through the last academic year - there is no blame to be laid. We are all proud to be the "Covid Class" of Wesleyan.

04 August 2021

Scrubbing the Digital Footprint

This is no easy feat - to clean up one's presence on the internet. There are all kinds of sites to scour, searches to perform, fakes to report, and data to request for deletion. Not to mention, somewhere there is a whole lot of information from the early-net-days that has been backed up onto some obscure Syquest drives or even on floppies (AUGH!) hidden in drawers and storage facilities.