03 August 2021

Getting Serious Now

 Taking stock of what I need to do for my career...

  1. My web presence needs to thoroughly represent my ambitions
  2. I must settle on my own publishing schedule - and stick to it
  3. I have to refocus my personal websites (all of them)
    • Consolidate where I can
    • Archive what is frivolous
No easy task this. My digital presence is vast and kinda scary. I've been directly involved on the internet since 1993 under many pseudonyms and tags (who hasn't?) and I've grown with the 'net. I've built tiny niches among the infinite code that has propagated into the digital universe in ways I never would have imagined. I found snippets of my creations in places that would astound people who know me - and I for one am shocked, yet humbled, and altogether amazed.

To be a coder, to learn to code and create custom code, one must realize the influence they manifest not only of the web but of the lives that delve into that web. I may have created a bit of code intended to secure the data packet of an e-commerce transaction, and now that code is being used in a larger security package for file transfers.

The power of creation is a great power, and with such power comes great responsibility.

But how can someone, who in all good faith contributed customized code to open-source projects, bear the responsibility when it is discovered that code was used for nefarious happenings?

Part of me wonders how other Code-Creators (Fanning and Parker come to mind) deal with the knowledge that their progeny can be and has been used for "bad happenings". The topic will be explored more - in another post.

For now, I am changing things up a bit (again).
  • New domain name - a reflection of my intent
  • Establishment of my tag (les.zoa) which is a final simplification (I hope)
  • Cleanup and linkage - I continue to reshape my presence
Part of this comes from the mindset that I've adopted while in school - not procrastinating. I make sure I write at least one page each day to exercise my fingers (psoriatic arthritis is not a joke). I also practice handwriting and calligraphy along with sketching, doodling, and drawing. I am still weaning myself from The Box, for it leads into The Void - and I don't want to be there anymore. I have goals, I have time, and I have drive. What else does a girl need?

So as I wait for my new DNS to populate around the world, I will contemplate just how much of a reach my words have - and if the impact of my words will outlast that of the code I created.

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