31 May 2022

Wow! I did it!

 A dream realized!

Growing up as I did, I never thought I would attend college. I got myself through community college well enough but found the knowledge I need to really shatter the glass ceiling was still lacking. I left Hawaii, traveled across the country, and found myself at a crossroads. I swallowed hard, set my fears aside, and applied to several colleges and universities. After negotiations, I chose Wesleyan College. I do not regret that decision. The hard work, determination, and plain old obstinance I am known for paid off...

Arriving at Wesleyan was a journey. Staying at Wesleyan was a challenge. Succeeding at Wesleyan was enlightening - this document in Latin is that pinnacle of success. I worked hard, set my GPA goal high, and reached that goal. 

Only two other life events have made me feel prouder; the births of my sons.

Now in Jacksonville, Florida - I am setting up for the next phase of my life. A life of independence and accomplishment where I hope to contribute to the betterment of others. I am continuing my support of PitStop Pit Bull Rescue Transport and am preparing to get involved in the Barony of Castlemere real soon. I had missed doing a lot within the SCA, and am eager to get involved again.

The resume page is updated and live again - and will be there until I get into a new role. Daily, I am scouring over job boards (public and private ones) and have been on the lookout for opportunities that suit me. The future is looking good - and I'm raring to get back into things!

Thank you - all of you - who have been supportive of me. It shan't be forgotten!