As a new graduate from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia - I am seeking a leadership role in the northeastern area of Florida where I can continue to grow and thrive.


This document is long. There is no way to compress 30+ years of experience into a single page except for here on the internet. As a hiring manager, I understand your desire to quickly screen through that stack on your desk for the best candidate to fill your company's need. If you took the time to come and visit my website, I invite you to take a break from that. Sit back for a moment, sip your beverage, and read through this page - actively read. You will be tempted to ditch this page for its unconventional approach and verbose length, but it will be a worthwhile pause in your normally hectic routine of filtering applicants.
This is the professional history of a self-motivating, energetic, and fully passionate communicator. I find problems, it seems to be a talent of mine; but I also create solutions. I learn through processes what works and what doesn't, then I show others what it takes to make something happen. I do not believe in "job security" - only in enabling others to accomplish the mutual goal of success. If I am granted long-term employment, I am happy and thrive, teaching others as I go. I believe in fair compensation, encouragement with constructive feedback, and making sure I and those in my team and around my team comprehend, understand, and ultimately exceed expectations.
I am passionate about deadlines, blowing expectations away, creating insatiable curiosity, and ultimately telling a story with any medium I have at my disposal. I can get into "the zone" while coding a website - and I enjoy it. I tend to sing a bit while I tweak images. Designing a new document or layout has me dancing in my seat with excitement. I completely forget the world when writing content. I have been told I forget to eat, that my fingernails sound like machine-gun bursts on the keyboard, and my geeky giggles are unnerving. In advance, I apologize - I simply adore what I do while accomplishing tasks that serve a greater purpose.

A man I worked with once challenged me to see the trees of the forest, I told him there would be no trees without the bees.

I appreciate your time, thanking you in advance for it as you consider my qualifications.


  • Adobe Creative Suite [Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign]
  • Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Fontographer [older versions]
  • Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Publications Design & Layout
  • Creative and Artistic Direction and Leadership
  • GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, GoogleDocs, and other Open Source software packages
  • Journalism, Editing, and Publishing [periodical and internet]
  • Policy, Procedure and Technical writing [training materials and operations]
  • Procedure Writing, Lesson Planning, Training, Public Speaking
  • Copy Editing / Creative Editing
  • Content Creation & Management [blog, wiki, journalism]
  • Content Management Strategy & Planning
  • Scheduling & Time Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Networking & Marketing
  • Email & Direct Marketing
  • Public Relations & Branding
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Online Journalism & Blogging Practices
  • Online Video Streaming via Twitch, HitBox, YouTube
  • Network configurations, conversions, philosophies & principals
  • Linux Server Stack Configurations & Administration
  • CentOS (Linux Server and Desktop OS)
  • Confluence [Java based wiki software]
  • Jira [Java based issue tracking software (help desk ticketing)]
  • Roller [Java based content management]
  • WordPress & WPMU configurations, management and operations
  • Apache HTTPD Management and Configurations
  • LAMT – Tomcat Management and Configurations [4-6]
  • LAMP – PHP Management and Configurations
  • Command Line [Linux, Windows]
  • Java Programming | Stand-alone Software Development
  • HTML/CSS/XML Web Design to W3C standards
  • UX/UI Development and Practices
  • MySQL Engineering & Administration [command line & GUI]
  • Website Development for Platform/Device Compatibility
  • Windows Server Systems with some Active Directory
  • Microsoft Office Suite [Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint]
  • Microsoft Visio Pro [project management, data mining, schema tracing & schematic diagrams]
  • Macintosh Operating Systems [Classic OS 6-9]
  • Windows Operating Systems [95-10] as user and help-desk


Website Administrator Intern for Real Impact Center, Inc., Macon, GA; August 2021 – May 2022
Redesign website to WordPress, and implement new site features to support new social media strategy while planning for data collection.
  • Managed WordPress via GoDaddy
  • Gravity Forms & View
  • Eventbrite integration
Library Assistant as Workstudy at Wesleyan College, Macon, GA; September 2020 – May 2022
In the Makerspace, instruct fellow students on safety processes and procedures for utilizing sewing and crafting equipment in the Library. Assist with workshops and help teach various sewing and embroidery techniques to select peers.
As Library Assistant, watch over Circulation Desk with various librarian duties including checking out books, assisting library visitors, and ensuring library security at closings.
  • Customer Service & Relations
  • Teaching & Training
  • Organization & Time Management
Cashier for Food Lion, Raleigh, NC; September 2019 – May 2020
Part-time, grocery cashier. Declared "essential" during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Direct customer service
  • Cashiering & cash handling
Sales Associate for Macy’s, Aiea, HI; November 2016 – February 2018
Part-time position in Lingerie and Women’s apparel while attending school full-time.
  • Direct customer service
  • Cashiering & cash handling
  • Intimate customer relations
  • Client development (personal shopper)
Associate for Walmart, Pearl City, HI; March 2016 –September 2016
Part-time Associate on Cap Team as Product Stocker in Consumables while attending school full-time.
  • Direct Customer Contact on the sales floor during the second shift
  • Assist as a Cashier upon request
  • Departments of note: Foods (Dry Goods and Frozen), Pets (handling live fish), Cosmetics, Paper Goods and Chemicals (cleaning supplies)
Webmaster for Hawaii Coffee Company, Honolulu, HI; May 2012 – February 2014
Responsible for web presence and presentation of Hawaii Coffee Company and its brands (LION Coffee, Royal Kona Coffee, and Hawaiian Islands Tea) in social media, e-commerce, direct marketing, email marketing and overall look of all websites and social sites, particularly during transition from old site software to new site software. Integration with internal systems (ERP) for the processing of web, mail-in and phone orders as well as customer management.
The key motivator in services, workflows, and processes related to the interaction and decimation of information to -and for- customers worldwide include:
  • Content management on all websites (writing, product presentation, faqs, etc.)
  • Email processes and management for entire mail order department
  • Flexibility and quick adaptation as decades-old software and processes were being modernized to suit today’s technology & customer demand.
  • Redesign and manage promotional email campaigns from “flier” style to a more interactive, presentation type of email 
  • Segmentation of email subscription lists, including the implementation of a 100% Opt-In policy and procedures for said lists 
  • Restructuring of content on multiple websites for better presentation and ease of updating
  • Implementation and management of social channels for all brands – specifically Facebook
  • Summer Recipe Campaign, 2013 – curate, test and distribute beverage-related recipes from May through the end of July
  • Customer support and service via phone and email
  • Technical support for Multichannel Order Management (MOM) system to include:
    • Database Administration (Visual Fox Pro) Database Migration (from Visual Fox Pro to MySQL)
    • Data Integration (from website to internal database)
    • Management of several “stores” within the structure
    • Configurations for various types of promotions
    • Analysis of daily workflows in the Customer Service Department for better efficiency
    • Documentation of company-specific procedures, workflows, and processes
Marketing Director for Safety Systems Hawaii, Inc., Honolulu, HI; November 2003 – February 2014
Handle all print and web advertising, public relations for the firm, retail merchandising, events both public and internal as well as managing and overseeing all training sessions for customers and employees. At maximum, supervised a staff of 5 graphic designers and specialists while in this position.
The company’s decision to create a web presence morphed into an e-commerce solution that I took over from the IT department to produce and manage after training one of my staff to be the new Marketing Coordinator and splitting the Marketing Department into two functioning entities – In-house Marketing and Web Marketing. I mentored a subordinate into the new Marketing Coordinator position which managed print marketing, events, and retail merchandising while I took on building and leading the Web Marketing team of developers and sourced partners.
Within a year of this split, in 2005, I engineered and managed a conversion project for full e-commerce capability of three business segments (Safety Systems Hawaii, One Shot Supplies and Brandy Signs) to work within a single customized software package. This involved the management of internal and external resources around the world, supervision of 4 in-house staffers, and performing low-level server configurations as well as Java programming and managing the Content Version Service (CVS) and Bugzilla. In 2006, the company’s e-commerce platform was unveiled at the Governor’s Pacific Rim Safety Conference (PacRim Conference) – on time.
Eventually, growth of the site was straining the server stack, and a sub-domain was created to split editorial content and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) depository from e-commerce content. This was completed and went live with the 2010 PacRim Conference.
Integration with internal systems (database, ERP, etc.) was being planned and engineered when the company merged into a corporate structure and all development was stopped and put into maintenance status. My position was changed to “Web/IT” at that time as I “merged” into the IT department.

As Marketing Director
  • Supervision and production of 3 print catalogs (4-color throughout)
  • Lead generation during public events for sales
  • Organizing multiple vendors for various public events through the year
  • Event planning (training sessions, marketing events, dinner functions, fundraisers, holiday parties, etc.)
  • Creation of newsletter and mail lists for various customer segments (contract & customers)
  • Public relations during emergency situations (press releases, spokesperson)
  • On-call for state emergencies (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)
  • Knowledge of all products and services of the companies
  • Creation of programs to help educate employees and customers of product necessity and use
  • Presentations and training sessions for employees and customers
As Web Development Manager
  • MySQL database management (command line & GUI interface)
  • Linux Administration (RedHat Enterprise and CentOS)
  • Velocity Template customization (3 entire site redesigns/restructurings)
  • Hibernate configurations (Struts Java structure)
  • Java programming (object creation, customization)
  • Apache HTTPD configurations (proxy-ing several domains & sub-domains to different Tomcat instances – maximum 6 at one time)
  • Implementation & Management of Social Network outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, UpFront & Twitter) for marketing purposes
  • Presentation layer design with HTML, XML, CSS, DHTML, javascript and more to W3C standards with cross-browser/platform independence
  • Budgeting for planned development to keep abreast with current technologies
  • Preliminary work for mobile interface to the e-commerce site
As Web/IT
  • Helpdesk for 150+ users, including desktop, laptop, and smartphone configurations
  • Implement new network configurations and setup (converting 150 workstations and 30+ printers within new architecture)
  • Server Administration (Linux, Windows 2003/2008, some Active Directory & Mail Exchange)
  • Support & Training on new technologies, including new ERP & POS systems implemented by corporate
  • Maintenance of all websites and social media presences of merged entities into the corporate structure
  • Split up of websites (One Shot Supplies was not part of the corporate acquisition)
  • Training for One Shot Supplies employees taking over their site
  • Documentation of all website development, customization, and operation for corporate and other business segments
  • Assist with knowledge transfer of websites to outsource entity
Graphic Designer & Art Director for NuSouth Press dba Burchell Publishing & Printing, Pensacola, FL; January 2002 – June 2003
Layout, design and pre-flight various print projects to include books and magazines. Projects included stationery, posters, Point of Sale items, stickers, flyers, brochures, pamphlet, catalogs, and other print media items. Also contributed as a writer for the Pensacola city magazine with feature articles and a tourism column.
Publications as Art Director:
  • REALTOR – Pensacola Board of Realty, monthly magazine
  • Downtown Pensacola – weekly news & events periodical
Photoshop Specialist for The LTC Group, North Haven, CT; March 2001 – December 2001
Utilization of Desktop Publishing skills and creative talent to contribute to the success of the commercial group. Member of a team dedicated to the service of national clients such as Heineken, D.L. Ryan, Leverte and Purina. Multiple contributions toward establishing a helpline for the launch of Heineken’s Distributor Program, consisting of multimedia CD’s supplied nationwide. Assist with film/color-key development and studio photography, which sparked continuing interest in photography concepts, particularly composition for advertising. Cross-trained in catalog production (Sears, JC Penny) to assist during “crunch periods” with focus on galley insertions, composition, and copy editing.

Assistant Prepress Manager for Kurt H. Volk, Milford, CT; October 2000 – March 2001
Hired to train under the Prepress Manager to take over his position upon his retirement. Assisted with the daily production needs of the company which produced mailers for companies such as Readers’ Digest and Publisher’s Clearing House. The owner of the company decided to close down due to health reasons and increased competition because the patents the company-owned having expired. Assisted smaller customers by helping them find new relationships with other prepress companies for their printing needs.

Prepress Manager for Upscale Printing & Graphics, Manchester, CT; June 2000 – October 2000
Supervision of 2 graphic designers and 1 specialized camera operator for the production of large-scale format designs produced by silk-screen and inkjet printing. Networked the entire department (previously were stand-alone Mac systems) with a central file server and film production machine, Gerber vinyl cutter, and standard laser printer. This heightened efficiencies and project turnover within the department, resulting in a 25% increase in pre-press turnaround. Worked on several projects for Metro-North, LTC Group, and various billboard companies.

Advertising Art Director & Network Manager for Honolulu Publishing, Honolulu, HI; December 1997 – June 2000
Intense use of various desktop publishing applications to create, preflight, and design advertisements and special advertising sections for insertion to publications (Honolulu Magazine, Island Business, Hawaii Drive Guides, and other special publications). Also managed hardware and networking for the entire company on a Macintosh/FriendlyNet network (47 workstations and 3 servers – see Network Manager position for specifics). Eventually, split the position in two, assist in hiring and training a new AAD as I became the Network Manager on a full-time basis.
After hiring and training a new Advertising Art Director (AAD), organize projects to upgrade, update, and integrate systems within the company. Mentored new AAD and helped with overflow production needs as necessary.
The network consisted of 47 workstations for sales and editorial teams, 8 pre-press production workstations, and various servers scattered throughout the building. The accounting department was standalone consisting of 6 workstations and 1 server all running on Windows95. The main task of my new position as a dedicated Network Manager was to integrate all workstations into a single network. Several projects were necessary to accomplish this which I started, documented, and transitioned to a new Network Administrator when I resigned.

  • Supervised and assisted in the rewiring of the entire facility (then on the corner of Merchant & Bethel Streets) with CAT5 wiring for re-configuring of the company’s network from FriendlyNet to Ethernet and the implementation of a T1 drop from GTE to service the facility – all this without marring the internal architecture of the historic building
  • Negotiate and purchase (within budget) new iMacs for the editorial and sales staff while maintaining and upgrading several production machines in the graphics department
  • Setup and installation of all new equipment (iMacs)
  • Training for sales and editorial staff on new software and network services
  • Introduced and implemented several new network services (internal email, fax & print servers) on various Apple servers within the newly structured network
  • Responsible for all digital security and backup plans, as well as emergency services and restoration
  • Documentation of network properties: historical, present, and planned
  • Began planning for interfacing the sales department (then on iMacs) with the accounting department (then on Windows95) via a central database server (at the time 4D)
  • Upon tendering my resignation, helped hire and train new Network Administrator on all existing systems and planned projects
Early Career; 1978 – 1997
  • Assisted family ceramics business, Zoä of Hawaii, beginning in 1978 until 1980
    • Customer Assistance
    • Teaching painting techniques
    • Ceramics production
  • From 1982, a participant in the Hawaii Summer Youth Program at various schools each summer helping the janitorial staff until enlistment in the Army Reserves in 1985
  • 1987 to 1989 as a “Kelly Girl”; Temporary Receptionist, Secretary, and Researcher for several firms, notably: Gil, Park, Park & Kim (personal injury law firm)
  • Moved to Pennsylvania in 1989
  • Between 1990 and 1997...
    • Part-time and freelance work as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Marketing Consultant
    • Office Manager for Olan Mills in Bethlehem, PA - receptionist, sales, reporting, branch operations, appointment setting, and making young children smile
    • Graphic Designer (Art Director) Lehigh Valley Real Estate Weekly
    • Sales and marketing for Asahi Pools and Doctor Feelgoodes; swimming pool and spa companies in the Lehigh Valley
    • Mac-Temps (now Aquent) as temporary Graphic Designer and Prepress Specialist. Notable assignments include...
      • Merril Lynch (employee books)
      • Lodima Press, Graphic Designer for "High Plains Farm" by Paula Chamlee
      • The Lehigh County, Art Director for their Book of Lists
      • Cornerstone Communications and Cornerstone Publishing, Graphic Designer on various projects (corporate reports, marketing materials, etc.)
    • Art Director for Minuteman Press in Allentown, PA; graphic design and consulting, customer service, bindery assistance, finishing
    • Graphic Designer for Bell Atlantic Directory Graphics in Philadelphia, PA; utilizing CANVAS for display advertising in yellow pages, also assist with manual cut-and-paste processes (print/cut/paste/shoot) to make corrections to white pages


Graduate, Summa Cum Laude, Wesleyan College, Macon, GA; May 2022
Bachelor of Art in Advertising and Marketing Communication
Double Minor: Business | Digital Marketing President's & Provost's Lists, GPA: 3.91
  • Art Club
    • President, 2020 - 21
  • Work Study, 2020 - 22
    • Library Assistant
    • Makerspace
    • Circulation
  • Service Leader Award, April 2021
  • Academic Excellence Award in Digital Marketing, April 2022
Honors Graduate, Leeward Community College, Pearl City, HI; May 2018
Associate of Science in Management / Business & Marketing
Dean's List, Academic Award Recipient, GPA: 3.75
  • Phi Beta Lambda / Enactus Business Club
    • President, 2017 - 2018
    • Secretary, 2016 - 2017
    • Chairperson, Spring Fair 2018
    • Chairperson, Fall Fair 2017
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
    • Member, 2017
    • Leadership Course Completion
    • Leadership Course Excellence Award
  • CoC Business Essentials (with Honors), May 2018
  • ASC Management (with Honors), May 2018
  • CoC Management Foundations, December 2017
  • CoC Management Essentials, May 2017
Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training (PCATT) at Honolulu Community College
Certificates of Participation in the following:
  • RedHat Administrator 130, October 2008
  • RedHat Administrator 030, April 2008
  • Java Programming II, August 2005
  • Java Programming I, June 2005
Leilehua High School, Wahiawa, HI
Graduate, class of 1986
  • Leadership Development (Army JROTC), 3 years
    • Cadet Captian in Senior year
    • Honor Unit with Distinction in Senior year, awarded for scholastic achievement (all cadets maintained C-average grades through the year
    • Veterans of Foreign Wars Leadership Award, May 1986
  • Member of the Rifle Team, 3 years
    • Consistent high scorer each year
    • Perfect Score, OIA Championship 1986
    • OIA Champion: Girls Team, 3 years
    • OIA Champion: Overall Team, 3 years
  • Speech/Drama, 2 years
    • Judge for Elementary Level Poetry Contest, 1985
    • Stage and production assistant for pregnancy and alcohol abuse skits, 1984


US Army Reserves, 1985 - 1993
Honorably Discharged, E3-p (DD256A)
MOS 29J10 (Teletype Repair Technician) and Communications Troubleshooter
  • Micro Soldering
  • Electrical and Mechanical Repair
  • RATT (Radio and Teletype) shelter specialist (setup, configuration, operation, and repair)
  • Military Processes and Protocols
  • Top Secret Security (expired)


Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA); Kingdom of Caid; Barony of Western Seas
With involvement dating back to 1989, officially became a member of this international, non-profit organization in July of 2014. Known as Sadhbh inghean Uí Conghal within the society, I am continuously researching, recreating, and reenacting historical Irish and Celtic culture.
The Society as a whole is dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe and the cultures encountered by early Europeans. The Society helps to educate others through events, demonstrations and informative documentation.

October 2017 – October 2019
Baroness as Consort. Part of a pair of leaders (Baron and Baroness) who serve as representatives of the parent organization (Kingdom of Caid) and are allowed to grant awards on behalf of the Kingdom. The standard period of service is one year, and both the Baron and Baroness are charged with leadership and custodianship of the group.
  • Organized private events for group participation
  • Organized public events for public demonstration
  • Maintained other positions as Webwright, Chronicler, Guild Leader, and Gold Key during the period
September 2017 – January 2019 
Manage the Gold Key and Stitches in Time Guild.
  • Gold Key is the name for all loaner items (costumes, feast ware, and accessories) owned by the local group
  • Managing the Gold Key consisted of maintaining, repairing, replenishing, and administering the items within the collection
  • Stitches in Time Guild is a sub-group of members skilled in needlecraft. From hand-sewing replica garments to custom embroidery. 
  • The guild researches medieval textile arts and creates pieces mostly for the Gold Key or personal use
November 2015 – April 2019
Publisher/Editor (called “Chronicler” within the society) of newsletter used as informational periodical as well as marketing material for the Hawaii chapter (Barony of Western Seas). The Runestone can be found on the Western Seas' website.
  • Restructuring of newsletter started in November 2015 with the transfer of duties from departing Chronicler; first full issue distributed in January of 2016
  • Soliciting content from other members of the group throughout the state
  • Publishing calendar to include themes, important dates, submission guidelines
  • Redesign of the newsletter to a more magazine layout and presentation
  • Full-color presentation
  • Regular columns and articles on continuous topics
  • Active editing of all submissions, writing content to fill the page count
  • Production of hi-resolution document for printing purposes and a low-resolution version for digital distribution
  • Acts in the capacity of writer, photographer, designer, and editor to support submitted content
  • Transfer of production to web-based software in GoogleDocs for ease of portability to new Chronicler in anticipation of my departure
November 2014 – May 2019
The webmaster (called “Webwright” within the Society) manages the internet presence of the Hawaii chapter (Barony of Western Seas) as well as email services.
www.WesternSeas.org (opens in new tab).
  • Considered an officer of the group helping to make leadership decisions
  • Redesign of the website into dynamic HTML utilizing CSS for responsiveness
  • Management of six [6] related static websites
  • Migration into WordPress CMS
  • Management of Social Media efforts via Facebook and MeetUp
Publisher for Bazaaro Community, Inc. DBA Stratics.com; October 2014 – July 2015
Publisher of all content under the Stratics brand related to the Massively Multiplayer Online game, Ultima Online and other game titles of interest to the community.
  • Assist with management and full configuration of the software stack to operate several WordPress Instances to host all Stratics.com content and properties
  • Provide support, insight, and direction for new development
  • Management of databases and PHP coded site
  • Support for large community forum as Administrator
  • Documentation of staff services and abilities
  • Content management and migration from static to dynamic (pages to posts)
  • Publishing Manager and Editor of all sites and content
  • Research and Development of new technologies for websites (content and forum) as well as services for the overall Community
While the brand and domain Stratics.com is the longest-running MMO community site, it has gone through many ownership changes which resulted in a change of direction several times and an overall loss in identity. To not alienate the majority of the existing community, Stratics has returned to its roots as a fansite dedicated only to Ultima Online. This radical change from expansion to consolidation meant adjustments for the entire volunteer team. The announcement was made March of 2015. I helped with transitioning the properties to the new "player-owned" consortium and resigned my position. While still involved with the community, I provide advice and some technical consultation to the group of owners.

Managing Editor, Administrator, and Vice President of Publishing for Valour Corp DBA Stratics.com; August 2013 – October 2014
Providing leadership, direction, and support to the vast amount of contributing writers, editors, managers and technicians who have helped to make Stratics.com one of the oldest gaming communities on the internet.
Involvement is driven by a life-long love of Fantasy Gaming which matured into Online Gaming and writing fan-fiction as well as developing a gaming persona named Kirthag DiOrsae since 1982. Use of the nom de plume Kirthag in the gaming multiverses.
During this period, Stratics proudly served as a conduit as a career path in gaming by providing volunteer and paid staff members an opportunity to gain experience as artists, writers, coders, and community managers for a major gaming network in anticipation of eventual careers within the gaming industry.

News Reporter for Stratics.com; 2004 – 2009
Served the Stratics Community as a volunteer news reporter for the Ultima Online server of Napa Valley writing about in-game community activities from 2004 to 2005 then again from 2008 to 2009. This included writing news-worthy articles on events within the game, interviewing prominent players and interacting with developers. Sometimes the articles took on a more fictional feel due to the aspect of the genre.
  • Social and community interaction with the player base
  • Research and development of relationships within the Ultima Online community
  • Communicating ideas between community and site management as a sort of “customer service liaison”
  • Generating interest for in-game events